Audio Music Similarity

Musly is a fast and high-quality audio music similarity library written in C/C++.
It is licensed under the terms of the MPL 2.0 open source license.

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Audio Music Similarity

Musly analyzes the the audio signal of music pieces to estimate their similarity. No meta-data about the music piece is included in the similarity estimation. To use Musly in your application, have a look at the library documentation or try the command line application included in the package and start generating some automatic music playlists right away.


Download the latest release or check out the source code on Github

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Commercial Music Similarity

The Austrian research institute for artificial intelligence (OFAI) offers commercial Musly plugins. These audio music similarity methods extend the methods included in Musly and offer higher retrieval quality, higher speed and incorporate indexing methods so that it can be used with millions of music tracks.

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