An open-source audio music similarity library

Using the Musly library interface in your application is straightforward : 0. .

  1. include the musly.h header in your project
  2. initialize musly: musly_jukebox_poweron()
  3. analyze some music: musly_track_analyze_audiofile()
  4. initialize the similarity component with musly_jukebox_setmusicstyle() and musly_jukebox_addtracks().
  5. compute similarities and playlists: musly_jukebox_similarity()
  6. deinitialize musly: musly_jukebox_similarity()

A more detailed description of the libary calls and parameters can be found in musly.h. The source code distribution also includes a sample application (musly/main.cpp). The demo app can be used to try and evaluate the Musly similarity measures. It is our reference implementation.